Portland florist Alyssa Lylte in Portland Oregon floral design studio

Color Theory Design Co. is a Portland, Oregon design studio dedicated to elevating the event experience and aesthetic, by way of designing captivating floral installations, conceptualizing cohesive event designs and artfully achieving the grand vision. Comprised of a husband and wife team, Color Theory thrives when designing and executing projects that require a multifaceted design effort; from the conceptualization of the design requiring a trained artistic eye to the custom build-outs necessary to wholly realize a event’s novel design. Color Theory believes in a holistic design approach, carefully considering every constituent element of an event and being sure to maximally utilize the expertise within the design team. As a product of the diverse experiences and studies of this husband & wife duo, Color Theory offers a unique experience for their clients, as well as a guaranteed-to-be stunning visual experience for each event.






As a third-generation artist, Alyssa was steeped in the principles of visual design and exposed to the rigorous processes inherent in the manifestation of an artistic vision: an unwavering dedication to mastering a craft, a disciplined work ethic, attention to detail, uncompromising commitment to an artistic voice and the willingness to spontaneously act upon unlikely sources of inspiration. Determined to pursue this artistic calling, she acquired Bachelors degrees in graphic design and oil painting. It was then that she nurtured and developed a deep appreciation for originality; to strive for true expression of her unique artistic voice. Shortly thereafter, while residing in Chicago, she delved into floral design as both a career and an artistic outlet.

Wedding floral design was a natural graduation into a more complex and comprehensive application of basic floral design principles to achieve a cohesive artist vision on a larger scale. Alyssa found a zen-like satisfaction to the design of a simple, singular floral arrangement, but was wholly captivated by the conceptualization, planning and execution of an event’s design and styling as an art form in and of itself.

After having moved to Austin, TX from Chicago for a much needed change of climate, she found that Texas was indeed very warm, but not for her. Fortunately, she met her life partner and best friend while residing there and they packed up their business and belongings to head to the Pacific Northwest. Today they are pursuing their passions in design, wellness and exploration in Portland, Oregon.

Not only does Alyssa specialize in floral design and run-on sentences, but she thrives when oil painting, giving art direction, playing pool and constructing art installations.




To Alyssa and Color Theory, he dutifully serves as husband, web developer, bookkeeper, accountant, search engine optimization strategist, editor, builder and general factotum. Prior to joining Color Theory, Brian obtained a B.Sc. in Microbiology, a degree in audio engineering, a certification in full-stack web development and dedicated 15 years of service to various Information Technology roles. He enjoys trail running, photography, practicing piano & classical guitar, audio engineering, cloning classic electronic audio processing devices, Triumph & vintage Honda motorcycles, long-distance target shooting and is looking forward to exploring the realms of bonsai, fair-chase hunting, mushroom foraging, gardening, tincturing and fatherhood.