2016 was a tragic year for me and my family. It pretty much burned me to the ground, mentally, but really put life in perspective. I can confidently say that things are looking up for 2017. I am not taking it for granted and am appreciating every moment I am able to sustain myself through floral design, while having the time to sit and enjoy being here, on earth. If you are thinking of taking any kind of plunge, out of your comfort zone, into a grey area that may mean taking risks, I highly encourage it!! If you understand that fragmented, run-on sentence, then there's hope for you. If you ever need someone to bounce your ideas off of, I am here for whoever needs it. Putting your ideas out there can feel really embarrassing and you will find yourself second-guessing, doubting your ability, thinking it isn't the right time, and basically finding any excuse to not do it, whatever "it" is to you. Recognize your insecurities and become familiar with those doubts, if only to completely ignore them when they enter your brain!