Greetings flower people! Just checking in with a few photos from last weekend. I had the honor of designing floral for a special women's conference, brought from LA to Austin by Rachel Hollis. 

When I wasn't running around designing floral for the next station of the day, I was participating in the event with several hundred women from around the nation! Rachel Hollis definitely brought a positive and inspiring message that touched a lot of people. What I realized during this event is, I HAVE AN AMAZING MOTHER!! What these women came from across the United States (and Canada) to learn, I realized I have taken this information for granted, as my mom has drilled these things into my brain since I was a child. 

Some things she has taught me that heard repeated this weekend:

Take responsibility! You have the power over your own reaction to EVERY situation. Don't go that helpless victim route. 

Ok, you are not a vicitim. But you CAN recognize that certain people bring you down. Make the choice, which is yours to make, to distance yourself from them. Do what you need to do to stay positive and on track. Remove whatever might be stopping you. 

Set goals. Set one goal. Write it down and write down the step by step play on how you are going to get there. Each step is a tiny goal and the only goal you need to focus on. Once that tiny step is complete, move on to the next step and the next. All the sudden, you've achieved your goal! Now make another one!

Surround yourself with like minded folks. You want to get inspired? You want to create? Hang with others who want to create! You want to binge watch Orange is the New Black? Call me! 

Last lesson on my mind now, which my mom REALLY drilled into my head. Fill your brain with positive information. Everyday. Read positive books. Listen to positive podcasts. EVEN IF YOU DON'T WANT TO. One of my favorite inspiring and uplifting podcasts, which will turn any day around, is On Being with Krista Tippett