We welcomed Django James Hummel into the world at 2:32 AM on May 23rd, 2019. Months and months before this momentous day, we began compiling lists of products, tools, tricks, tips and devices that we would (supposedly) need to survive the newborn phase of childrearing. Sitting right at the apex of a mountainous shopping list was an infant crib mattress. Today we will discuss the considerations we made in seeking out the best of the best infant mattress and why the mattress by Newton Baby was our ultimate choice.

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Portland Oregon florist has a son who sleeps on Newton Baby mattress



We knew that our newborn would be spending a significant amount of it’s early life in physical contact with, and breathing near, whichever bed mattress we chose to place within it’s crib. Therefore, it made sense to us that the best option would be the mattress composed of the least toxic, most breathable and hypoallergenic materials possible. Fortunately for us, living in an era where a resurgence in well-being focused product development and the conscientious retooling of existing, or imagineering of new, manufacturing processes is being demanded by a more informed population of concerned consumers, there are numerous “healthy” options to choose from in even the most obscure corner of the baby product market.


In consideration of the mysterious rise in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, we knew that a “breathable” mattress would help to prevent suffocation should the newborn ever end up face down and, additionally, continue to protect an infant who has developed the ability to roll over on it’s own.  The increased airflow passing through a breathable mattress also assists a newborn with temperature regulation. We knew that if adults couldn’t breathe while face down on a mattress, then a newborn would definitely not be able to either. This would serve as our irrefutably definitive, highly-scientific testing procedure to be used in evaluating any one mattress’ purported breathability claims…lie with our faces buried in the mattress and evaluate how difficult breathing became.


Most textiles are composed of absorptive materials that latch onto debris, allergens and moisture, consequently serving as ideal breeding grounds for bacteria, molds and a plethora of other lifeforms.  With that in mind, we wanted a mattress composed of materials that would be relatively hypoallergenic yet able to withstand the rigors of frequent washing, if necessary.  Furthermore, the materials and treatments traditionally used in the manufacturing of mattresses have the potential to off-gas or leach dangerous compounds, therefore, in seeking out the safest possible mattress for our newborn, we compiled a list of known toxic materials that we wished to avoid: latex, PVC, synthetic flame retardants, petroleum-based foam and non-organic cotton (since it’s a crop that is generally subjected to high pesticide use).  Attempting to find a thorough list of materials used in any one company’s infant mattress can be a daunting task, but fortunately we discovered that there is a trusted industry standard for designating products as being verifiably safe for use with children by measuring levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds).  This certification is known as Greenguard Gold.  


We were pleased to discover a great number of infant mattress companies that maintain Greenguard Gold certification for their products, so this made our search for a non-toxic mattress much more manageable to undertake.  Underwriters Laboratories, the issuer of Greenguard Gold certification, states that products which achieve this certification ”are scientifically proven to meet some of the world’s most rigorous, third-party chemical emissions standards—helping reduce indoor air pollution and the risk of chemical exposure while aiding in the creation of healthier indoor environments”. By filtering for only mattresses with a Greenguard Gold certification, we were able to quickly narrow down the field of candidates with confidence.




Portland florist reviews Newton Baby crib mattress





Florist in Portland Oregon recommends infant crib mattress made by Newton Baby

The stand-out contender on our short-list of non-toxic crib mattresses is this Crib Mattress by Newton Baby.  Newton Baby offers a line of GreenGuard Gold certified bedding products for children, all of which focus on non-toxic construction and breathability by way of innovative materials engineering and design.  The Newton Baby Crib Mattress is comprised of 90% air by volume (…sounds impossible, right!) making it, inherently, 100% BREATHABLE and one of the most breathable infant mattress options on the market!! With our faces pressed firmly into the Newton Baby Crib Mattress, we could draw full, unimpeded breaths of air without undue effort.  Regarding the breathability of the Crib Mattress,  Newton Baby states: “In a third-party CPSC accredited laboratory, tests showed that a baby gets 97% more air while breathing through a Newton Crib Mattress than on a conventional waterproof crib mattress.” Due to the inventive and unorthodox design and composition of the mattress materials, Newton Baby were the ONLY mattress company with a design that comprehensively integrated our entire list of desireable features: highly breathable, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and completely washable.

Portland Oregon florists writes blog post about Newton Baby infant crib mattress


Mattress review by Portland Oregon florist & event stylist
Portland florist reviews crib mattress by Newton Baby


To begin with, the outer 3D Spacer Cover is completely removable and made from two woven layers of porous & highly-breathable polyester fabric. The texture is extremely comfortable yet durable and resistant to snagging. Newton Baby offers a 100% WATERPROOF option, which adds a waterproof layer one side of the mattress cover thereby creating a two-stage mattress.  Flip the mattress with waterproof barrier down for the newborn stage, where maximum mattress breathability is a priority.  Flip the mattress waterproof side up for the toddler years where additional liquid protection may be desired.  This blue-colored waterproof layer is composed of inert TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) rather than the PVC and Phthalates traditionally found in most mattress waterproofing treatments.  We opted for this two-stage mattress cover design but have yet to test the waterproof side. We look forward to seeing if the “crunchy” sound emitted from the waterproof fabric will generate any sleep disruptions when coupled with the movements of a restless toddler. 

The unzipped 3D Spacer Cover displaying blue waterproof liner

The unzipped 3D Spacer Cover displaying blue waterproof liner

Interior lining of woven dual-layer & highly breathable polyester cover

Interior lining of woven dual-layer & highly breathable polyester cover


Simply unzip the top cover to reveal the heart and soul of Newton Baby’s Crib Mattress:

the ingenious

Wovenaire Core

Review of Newton Baby crib mattress by Portland Oregon wedding florist
Portland florist & event design stylist shares insights about newton baby crib mattress


The curious looking, three-dimensional lattice is Newton Baby’s Wovenaire Core and it is a truly ingenious departure from standard mattress manufacturing design.  The Wovenaire Core is unbelievably light and unparalleled in breathability, being composed of 90% air and 10% food-grade polymer.  This polymer also renders the mattress completely free of foam, latex, adhesives or any other water absorbing materials.  I would expect that the Wovenaire Core will be relatively maintenance-free, however it’s design allows for thorough cleaning to be effortlessly simple.  The mattress cover can be laundered in a washing machine and the entire Wovenaire Core can be completely submerged, sprayed or washed in a bath tub.  So this mattress is, indeed, 100% WASHABLE. When compared to the competition, the Newton Baby Wovenaire Core looks, feels and performs like a cutting edge technology that pushes the envelope and serves as a transformative agent for all ensuing industry design standards.

Wovenaire core of Newton Baby Crib Mattress
3D Cover & Wovenaire Core of Newton Baby Crib Mattress
Newton Baby Crib Mattress and the Wovenaire Core
Portland florist displays the Wovenaire Core of the Newton Baby Crib Mattress


Another benefit of the Wovenaire Core is that this mattress is 100% RECYCLABLE.  When it comes time to retire it from service, it’s nice to know that one less non-compactible mattress will be piled onto one of earth’s ubiquitous landfills.

Wovenaire Core technology


Newton Baby offers a generous and confidence-inspiring trial period for mattresses purchased directly from them: take 100 nights to decide if the mattress is right for you and your child. They also offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on their mattresses as well as free shipping! Save an additional $50 off of a mattress purchase by simply subscribing to Newton Baby’s email list.



We have our crib set up in a co-sleeping sidecar arrangement next to our bed and we couldn’t be happier with our choice to go with a Newton Baby Crib Mattress!

Portland florist displays crib arrangement in baby room
Child of Portland Oregon florist sleeping on Newton Baby Crib Mattress
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