It’s almost the New Year! I can hardly believe that we’ve been an established wedding florist business for just over 2 years and I am going on 12 years as a floral designer! Time flies in ridiculous and sometimes frightening ways. I’ve been announcing our move to Portland, Oregon from Austin for months now…but I can now say…seriously this time…we are now 100% a Portland wedding florist moving forward! We are really excited to start our first full year here. We technically moved here almost a year and a half ago and have yet to witness the fabled beauty of an Oregon fall, as we have been constantly traveling to Texas for wedding floral design. I am happy to say, we WILL be experiencing our first fall next year and we will get to experience it for the first time with our little babe (due to arrive June 2019)! It will be the whole family’s first PNW fall.

On that note, fall in Austin is a LITTLE different. Everything stays green and the weather feels tropical with periodic torrential downpours & sunny 100 degree days. That is how our fall season was this year in Austin. On THIS particular wedding day that I am sharing with you, (please prepare yourself for a serious run-on sentence) it POURED for hours, then we set the tables, then the sun came out and melted the candles, then we unset the tables to place everything in the shade, replaced all the candles, it poured, then the sun came out and we reset the tables, then the sun started baking the flowers, so we brought everything in to cool off, then we added water and fresh flowers, then we reset the tables for photos, then we unset the tables until reception started, then we reset the tables for the wedding, then it poured. Thankfully after everything got rained on, it cleared up for the rest of the night - a few wet linens never hurt anyone.

It’s always interesting to know the more complex backstory comprising each wedding floral design, because the photos are always simply glorious- especially when Kristen Kilpatrick is the photographer and Lindsey Brunk is the planner!